These At-Home Beauty Tools Are Worth The Investment

How 7 devices compare, price-wise, with their professional counterpartsMore...


Nicole Warne's Wedding Black Book

All the self-care and spoiling she did to prepare for her New Zealand nuptials last monthMore...

The Top Shelf

Camille Becerra, Chef

On all-natural self-tanner, the body lotion that doubles as eye cream, and one seriously exhaustive dental care regimenMore...

The Technique

All The Technological Advancement In Oral Care Worth Smiling About :)

Color correcting toothpaste, whitening serum, that light thing the Kardashians are always pushing, and moreMore...

The Review

Your Dental Hygiene Re-Up

Time to can that Oral-B toothbrush in favor of something that actually worksMore...

Top Shelf After Dark

Beverly Nguyen, Stylist Assistant

On how to prevent hangover face with tequila and why nightclub misting is essentialMore...

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Rachel Roy, Designer

Is your dentist chic? Rachel Roy's isMore...


Allyson Lupovich, Photographer

What to do when your retainer is your number one beauty product and you're still living down your teenage eyebrow mistakesMore...


Testing The 'As Seen On TV' Products

From teeth-whitening technology to nail clippers equipped with magnifying glasses, the main takeaway here is that most of these products come with some sort of self-illuminationMore...

The Review

The Easy Way To Floss More

Floss picks will make your hygienist fall in love with youMore...

The Extras

On Whitening Your Teeth With Hydrogen Peroxide

It works—and it's roughly 5 percent of the cost of that box of Crest Whitestrips you've been eyeingMore...

Nicky Deam
The Technique

Mouthing Off: Oral Hygiene

How to clean your teeth, tongue, and tonsils like a dentistMore...

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