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Erica Chidi Cohen, Doula & Co-Founder, LOOM

"My deodorant is a vibe," and the layers of essential oils she wears as fragranceMore...

The Review

Make Your Sex Life More Luxurious

Because it wasn't costing you enough already, here are some spendy toys to spice it upMore...


10 Forms Of Birth Control Explained

It's your body—know what your options areMore...

Top Shelf After Dark

Karley Sciortino, Writer

On what to expect when assisting a dominatrix on a story assignment, living in an abandoned South London mall, and attending your first penthouse sex partyMore...


You Want Me To Put That Jade Egg Where?!

A Q&A on the yoga practice that involves small jade stones, weights, and your nether regionsMore...

The Extras

Tinder Portraits: A User's Guide

Who does your online dating profile pic say more about—you or the person swiping right?More...


Sexual Healing, Powered By Crystals

Chakrubs is a line of sex toys made from crystals that promise to balance your chakras, conduct positive energy into your sexual practice, and look good on your nightstandMore...

The Extras

Let's Talk About (Safe & Sustainable) Sex, Baby

The father-daughter duo behind Sustain Condoms wants you to bring something a little bit more organic into the bedroomMore...