Nicky Deam
The Technique

The Christy Turlington Workout

The secret to being the least-retouched model in the industry (that's a fact)More...

As Told To ITG

I Hate Working Out (But It Feels So Good)

At 37, Parisian Caroline de Maigret did the unthinkable: started going to the gymMore...

Nicky Deam
The Review

Restorative Yoga: The Art of Chilling

How lying on pillows and blankets can make you feel more powerful than P90XMore...

The Extras

Yoga Types, Explained

Ashtanga, Core, Kundalini, or Hatha? A short, sweet, and straightforward guide...More...

Nicky Deam
The Extras

ITG Resolutions: Keep Running (In The Cold)

How? What to wear? We consult a running coach—yes, they do existMore...

Book Club

Jane Fonda's Workout Book

Workout and health advice from the hottest 75 year-old aroundMore...

The Review

Shocking Your Way to a Six-Pack?

Can you buy Victoria’s Secret model-worthy flat, toned abs? We investigate body-slimming treatments  More...

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