Emily Weiss

Founder & CEO

Emily is the Founder and CEO of Glossier, a direct-to-consumer beauty company that leverages content and community to power a superior shopping experience.

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Let Me Introduce Glossier You

You know how the neck of your sweater feels after you’ve worn it all day? Nuzzly and warm, sort of sexy, but still comfy. It's that, bottled. More...

Glossier HQ

How We Raised Our Latest Round Of Funding

Glossier Founder and CEO Emily Weiss on building a company from the ground up—from investors, to team, to youMore...

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At Long Last: Glossier Phase 2 Is Back!

Boy Brow, Generation G, and Stretch Concealer—gang's all here (in all shades, too)More...

The Technique

The Little Wedding Black Book

Emily Weiss’ pre-marital beauty and wellness breakdownMore...

Glossier HQ

#GRWM: Emily Weiss

Featuring Korean finishing powder, Nars Het Loo, and flat iron wavesMore...

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A Very Klimt Halloween

Half Woman In Gold, half Cersei Lannister, with just the right amount of goth for effectMore...

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The Glossier Cleanser: Where We Are Now

We asked, you answered, we started formulatingMore...

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Into The Gloss Turns Five

Emily Weiss looks back at the initial inspiration behind ITG—and how that has evolved into GlossierMore...

Open Thread

Help, I'm Engaged

Emily is getting married and wants adviceMore...

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Hair I Am

At long last, Emily has long hair—and it only took six hoursMore...

Hair Ideas

All Hail Bobby Pins

What happens when a bad cut finally forces you to learn how to style your own hairMore...

The Technique

The 2014 Holiday Party Look, Part I

Featuring an $88 dress and bottom lash-only mascara applicationMore...

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Follow Friday: @Glossier

Glossier is coming soon. And it's pretty awesome.More...

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Back To Brown

Just hold on we're going home. It's hard to do these things alone. —DrakeMore...

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Into The Gloss x Warby Parker Collaboration

Emily designed her dream sunglasses, and they just launchedMore...

The Review

Platinum Perfect

Or, why my shower is full of purple hair productsMore...

The Technique

Navigating a French Pharmacy

Emily's (totally subjective) field guide, for an American in ParisMore...

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