Brennan Kilbane

Former Associate Editor

Brennan is a writer based in New York and a former associate editor at Glossier.

The Technique

Try This: The At-Home Morning Spa

Take an hour before work, throw some body oil on yourself, and thank us laterMore...


Conquering Back Acne

Means doing your laundry more oftenMore...

ITG ♥s

Diptyque's New York Candle Is Its Best One Yet

And it smells nothing like New York, which is a wonderful thingMore...

The Experience

I Got Fillers!

I love them, thank you for askingMore...

The Review

The Best Drugstore Hair Masks

Mane hydration for the fiscally challengedMore...


From Tokyo, With Lots Of Stuff

A dispatch from the city of cherry blossoms, denim, and cosmetic innovationMore...

The Technique

Get Yourself An HBO Butt

The premium cable-worthy behind of your dreams is within reach More...


Ask ITG: Can I Shrink My Pores?

There's a lot you can do, actuallyMore...

The Technique

Maximum Self-Care: The 10-Hour Facial

What to do with a free afternoon and all of those skincare samples you've been hoardingMore...

Open Thread

What's Your Favorite Useless Beauty Product?

Taking a moment for all of the things we love, but can't say much more about than thatMore...

The Experience

Hot New Fitness Trend: Hardcore Relaxation

Out with the boutique workouts; in with the boutique doing nothingMore...

ITG ♥s

The At-Home Facial In One Easy Tube

Espa Skincare's Procleanser is three skincare products combinedMore...

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