Ali Oshinsky


Why I Spent My Summer Following The Dead

First of all, there was really good tie dyeMore...

The Extras

Can A Toner Stop Your B.O.?

Summer's secret weapon may be hiding in plain sightMore...

Makeup Ideas

The Makeup On "Euphoria" Is Surprisingly Easy To Do At Home

Test driving the looks and re-discovering what it means to have fun with makeupMore...

The Review

Are Electrical Currents The Acne Solution Of The Future?

An investigation into unraveling the mysterious side effects of at-home microcurrent devicesMore...


Unpopular Opinion: All Drying Lotions Are Bad

A convincing argument on why your go-to zit treatment may be doing more harm than goodMore...


What The Heck Are Peptides?

They're smaller than collagen, with a bigger impactMore...

The Review

The Candles That Smell Like Summer

Bring the outside, in—with more options than everMore...


How I Learned To Be Nice To My Hair

Every trick for reconciliation, no couples therapy requiredMore...

Word of Mouth

My Grandma, My Mom, Botox, And Me

Three generations of beauty, one conversationMore...


The Top Shelf Bathroom Upgrades, Vol. 3

It's time to make your tiny bathroom look chicMore...

The Technique

The Perm Is Back

At long last, a treatment for gorgeous, permanent curls that'll turn you into Botticelli's VenusMore...


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