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The Juiciest Makeup In Season

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and photographed by Tom Newton. Makeup by . Hair by . Nails by . Styled by .

There are a lot of reasons to like fruit, especially in July. “It’s nature’s candy,” said the mom of your friend with a pantry full of fun-ish after school snacks like Annie’s cheddar bunnies and dried apple chips. As an adult, you get the wisdom—a really good summer nectarine, or strawberry, or tomato (the forgotten fruit) can get your mouth watering just as much as a watermelon Warhead did back in the day. Even if eating fruit’s not your thing, you can’t deny it’s nice to look at. See or, like, for reference. Plum, peach, cherry, lemon—just saying their names brings to mind vivid, inextricable colorscapes. How would you describe the color orange without accidentally referencing a big, juicy orange? (Trick question: you can’t.)

Last summer, fruit was , but this summer it’s going editorial. Think meets a melting paleta meets the three beads of condensation falling off a Red Delicious—juicy, glossy, and irresistible. We asked makeup artist Ingeborg to demonstrate the look, and she did so eight ways. Grab a bowl of berries and follow along.


Citrus And Shine


This is the look to try if peach is your color. On Mads, Ingeborg layered from Face Stockholm, followed by a bright orange line in on just the top, outer corners of the eye. To make it juicier, she swiped Flesh on top. On Mads' cheeks, Ingeborg layered lilah b. Lip & Cheek Duos in and . She finished the look with Clarins Eau a Levres in with Chanel lip gloss in on top to approximate what you wish biting into a peach would leave your lips like.

For Nidhi, Ingeborg channeled the softest, richest tones of an unpeeled mango fresh off the tree. She layered from Face Stockholm over melty red cream from the on her eyes. Then, Ingeborg used the color wheel from Face Stockholm on Nidhi’s cheeks, and Chanel gloss in , a translucent fruit punch red, on her lips.

Ingeborg prepped both models’ skin using , and then concealed as needed with .

Mads wears a tie-dye sweater and wool pants, with a hat from . She also wears socks with , a , and necklaces from and .

Nidhi wears a from Polo Ralph Lauren over a with . She also wears and .

Bellinis And Cherries


If Mads’ last look was pure peach, this subtler version is all apricot—less of a commitment, and slightly more monochromatic. Ingeborg used the Dior 5 Couleurs palette in for a warm wash all the way up to her brow bone. It pairs well with the two Laura Mercier products Ingeborg used on Mads' lips: slightly blotted over . On her cheeks is Laura Mercier Blush Infusion in , with for a natural, dewy highlight.

On Nidhi, Ingeborg used Hourglass Opaque Rouge lipstick in topped with Glossier for a super shiny, maraschino cherry lip. Maraschino cherries are still fruits, right? It pairs surprisingly well with a bold, mermaid-y eye, achieved with blue and green eyeshadows from the —reflective, in a different way. On Nidhi’s cheeks, Ingeborg used Surratt blush in and Pat McGrath’s , too.

On Mads is a worn with a flannel and denim skirt. She also wears necklaces from and , along with and a .

On Nidhi, a floral crop top and peek out under a . On her feet are , and she also wears a bandana from and .

Berries And Popsicles


On Mads, Ingeborg used the Color and Light palette from Kosas in , a rosy pink blush paired with a champagne cream highlighter, to make Mads look like she spent the day in the sun. To get a ‘just ate a popsicle’ stain effect on Mads’ lips, Ingeborg blended (and blended and blended) in the center of her mouth, and topped it with the . It looks dark at first swipe, but blotted out it turns into a bright raspberry. She kept the eyes simple and glowy, using warm tones from the Ohii palette in with Tom Ford .

Ingeborg lined Nidhi’s eyes with in the waterline, and Make Up For Ever blended out on the lower lashline. Then, she used red and gold shades from the Ohii palette. Flesh eye gloss in , flecked with shimmer that flashes gold and pink, is on top. She finished the eyes with . Ingeborg used Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Raspberry [Ed note: discontinued, but a good dupe is Laura Mercier ] high on her cheekbones, and dabbed on as the highlight. On her lips, Nidhi wears super sheer and slightly shimmery Smith and Cult gloss in .

Mads wears a maxi with a around her waist. She also wears with from Polo Ralph Lauren, and .

Nidhi wears a crochet top from with a underneath. She wears them with , , and a beret. Her sunglasses are .

Wearable Candy Apple


For the final look, Ingeborg used one for eyes, lips, and cheeks on both models. Mads wears 180, featuring a bright, rosy pink, and Nidhi wears 185, which includes a vibrant orange-red. Warm, bright, and lit-from-within—like a summer sunset from cheek to cheek.

Mads wears a with . She also wears a from and .

On Nidhi is a worn under a knit top. She also wears and carries a Mulberry bag. Her sandals are from .