How Many Colors Can You Wear On Your Face At Once?

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photographed by Tom Newton. Makeup by Ingeborg G.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? According to the internet, “prior to the first true chicken, there were non-chickens.” …In other words, non-students, the egg came first. But when you’re assembling a makeup look, do you decide on your outfit first and build the makeup around it, or do you do your makeup and work on the outfit after that? It probably changes, doesn’t it? If you just bought a new fall lipstick, for example (let’s hope it’s ), that’s got to come before anything else because it's new! It's exciting! Similarly, let’s say you acquired every shade of . It’s only natural that the rest of your makeup look (and clothes) would be built with each shade of this product in mind. If you’re makeup artist ‚—which, thankfully, Ingeborg is—you go above and beyond and create not one, but four full faces of color. Lots and lots of color. Shown here on Salem Mitchell, these aren’t simple looks, but they are very fun to look at and fun to try on, even if you’re not the most skilled eyeshadow applicator. Click and scroll below. Unless you did that first...

Salem mitchell makeup 17

Act One

Replace 11
Replace 22
Replace 33

Here, Salem wears and Tom Ford Lash And Brow Tint in Copper, Turquoise and Magenta on the eyes. On her cheeks is Troy Surratt's Cheek Trio from Summer 2018. Kosås Cosmetics lipstick in finishes the look.

Act Two

Salem mitchell makeup 51
Salem mitchell makeup 72
Salem mitchell makeup 63

To create this feathery eyeliner look, Ingeborg uses Kryolan cream palette eyeshadows and on Salem's eyes. On her cheeks is and in Storm, topped with on the lips.

Act Three

Salem mitchell makeup 111
Salem mitchell makeup 122
Salem mitchell makeup 133

Salem wears in Shu Iro and Il Makiage black mascara on her eyes. Her red blush is from the and on her cheekbones she wears in Chalago—a yellow undertone gold shade. On her lips she wears in Forbidden Love.

Act Four

Salem mitchell makeup 161
Salem mitchell makeup 152
Salem mitchell makeup 173
Salem mitchell makeup 144

Here, Salem wears pens in all shades, the
and Dior Addict Lipstick in 322.