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The Best Beauty From NYFW S/S '19

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Photographed by Tom Newton.

For one more season at least, beauty looks were the stars of New York Fashion Week. S/S '19 showcased endless swatches of color with models in cropped pastel haircuts, dramatically long nails, vibrant blush, heads full of living greenery and florals... Tom went, saw, took notes—and lots and lots of photos. Scroll through for your own viewing pleasure and just try to pick a favorite.

Eckhaus latta 15

Tom Ford

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I like that you can always trust Tom to just do himself—this man has been sending smoky eyes down the runway for longer than some of these models have been alive. He knows what he likes and, luckily for him, I don't think smoky eyes will ever be a bad choice. These ones by were beautiful. Each model's felt a little different; some had a sheen of gloss over top, some were super blended, some had more gold, some had a strong liner along the lash line. did the hair. Headwraps again... nude and blush fabric with the tails hanging behind made the makeup stand out even more.

Models wore as a base, highlighter on the high points of the face, in 06 Inhibition, Sheer in 29 Ava on the lips, in 01 Golden Mink and to finish the look.

Eckhaus Latta

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This show was in a giant old factory in Bushwick: Endless windows, vintage cards, children running around. After Tom Ford, it was nice to see a more bizarre showcasing of beauty. Hairstylist was inspired by —which may be the new Kate-Moss-in-the-'90s inspiration board—but I'm HERE for it. Unfinished, blunt looking haircuts. Holli didn't want to do any actual cuts (thank god) so she decided to go another route using extensions—and that was the look. It was fun to shoot—like shooting a haircut—odd but beautiful. Kanako Takase is out here as the lead makeup artist for so many amazing shows now (her editorial work is magic too). Here, she did a really strong skin highlight and then on a handful of models created a marbled lip with and pure , playing with the contrast between the two.

Holli Smith used an ample amount of and from roots to ends, and dried down with a .


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Another very different show. There were more skater boys than there were models in makeup, so that felt new. And they were showing three different looks: one where the guys had some light contouring and the women wore big black graphic cat eyes; one where everyone was bronzed up in a way to look a little dirty; and one where the guys got nothing and the women got some mascara and a little gloss.

Makeup artist used in Sleek Onyx and and on the eyes. The models also wore , , and on the brows, and and in Baddest Beige on top.

Jeremy Scott

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Jeremy scott 62
Jeremy scott 73
Jeremy scott 104
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Yes, another glitter lip, but this one was done a little differently. started with and actual pink metallic foil straight on the lips, and then he packed on a bunch of glitter on top. This stuff stayed.

Hairstylist used the , , and . Makeup artist Kabuki used and in Matte Bronze on the face. Then he applied a in Edge To Edge, and in Love Yourself, with pink glitter on top.

Brandon Maxwell

Brandon maxwell 11
Brandon maxwell 22

I really wanted the little Friday Night Lights instrumental theme to be on repeat here...they had pink yeti coolers, cheeseburgers for catering, beer, and a fake sunset step-and-repeat backstage—and the makeup look contrasted all of that. It felt very pink and overly done, but it was beautiful! used : a pink gloss, a pink blush, a peachy eyeshadow and a purple liner to make these Barbie-like faces.

Models wore in Pinch O’ Peach and Pink Swoon blended together with the in Shimmy Peach (available February 2019), with in Baby B mixed with in Pagoda on the lips, defined with a in Whirl. On the eyes, models wore Kajal in Flourish Me Beautiful, in Magic Mawmaw and Powder Blush in Pink Swoon blended together. in Silver Dusk was applied in the corners of the eyes and as a cheekbone highlight.

Mansur Gavriel

Mansur gavriel 101
Mansur gavriel 12
Mansur gavriel 53
Mansur gavriel 44
Mansur gavriel 35
Mansur gavriel 26
Mansur gavriel 67
Mansur gavriel 88
Mansur gavriel 99
Mansur gavriel 710

Makeup artist kept skin matte and peachy. Eyes were accented with in shades of yellow or blue, or sometimes with nothing at all. The hair had little daisies in it, and there were these amazing ceramics and cakes backstage. So dreamy.

Hairstylist sprayed air-dried hair with and added texture with . Accessorized with fresh daisies stuck on with eyelash glue.


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Rodarte backstage 1919

More greenery in the hair! This time it was colored roses. I wanted to steal the leftover baby blue ones so bad. The backstage took place in a church-school room, across from the marble cemetery in the East Village where the models walked. On such a dreary day, it felt magical to be here. used Nars to make color-blocked eyes and flushed cheeks—the yellow was a shade called , which reminded me of the way does her makeup. The blue was called and looked so endlessly beautiful, and the red lip on everyone was .

Hairstylist used in 1-inch and 1.5-inch rotated away from the face. Models wore Morgan Taylor polish shades , , and  by .

Proenza Schouler

Proenza schouler 91
Proenza schouler 102
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Proenza schouler 74
Proenza schouler 65
Proenza schouler 56
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Proenza schouler 310
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Proenza schouler 1314

This was the first time I saw Lisa Eldridge backstage heading up a show, and she made everyone's skin look so good. There were so many different concealer shades used on each model—at least four, which kept anyone from getting "foundation face." The highlighter was actually skincare—Lancôme's and . Holli did beautiful slick-but-loose hair, pulled away from the face.

Hairstylist Holli Smith used and , and dried the hair using a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer with a diffuser. Lisa Eldridge used in Pink Chroma, with and on the eyes. Models also wore in Pure Nude.

Gypsy Sport

Gypsy sport 71
Gypsy sport 82
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Gypsy sport 104
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You had a whole spectrum of everything here. takes center stage at so many different kinds of shows every year, and here it was used as highlighter on the cheeks, lids, and under the eyes. Green, mauve and purple complemented with a matte brown eyeshadow on a few. Laurent from Bumble and Bumble did the hair, playing off lots of different textures and protective styles, keeping with this season's plant-life theme.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh

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I LOVE Maryam Nassir Zadeh. Fight me if you don't! Beauty wasn't sponsored—just playing around. Custom lip colors for each model, as directed and adjusted by Maryam. My favorite was the pale fuschia she wore herself. Some women had a lilac blue shadow from Viseart blended on the outside corners of their lids. The products used were all Kryolan and Maquillage de Professional palettes.

Savage x Fenty

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Fenty savage 64
Fenty savage 25
Fenty savage 36
Fenty savage 77

The makeup and hair teams backstage here weren't the typical NYFW ones, they were all from Rihanna's team. Her longtime hair man used Oribe, and makeup artists and used on each model's face. Everyone was different, everything was dreamy, everyone glowed, everyone had fun.

Marc Jacobs

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Easter egg hair, and eyeshadows. Diane Kendal did these color wash lids using powdery shadows that come out from soon. Pretty bare faces otherwise. She grounded the lids—which matched some of the model's hair—with a dark on the lash line and some .