How Do You Double Cleanse?


On rainy days and times when you are feeling blue, try scrolling back through Perfume Genuis’ for fun. Tweets like:

Trying to find a baby makeup tutorial. I know it's out there. It's 1:30am and I want to see a baby with a smoky eye is that too much to ask

— Perfume Genius (@perfumegenius)

...will likely inspire you and help you get through a long day. Twitter is not the only place his inspiration is found. In fact, it was in the musician’s Top Shelf where he told ITG editors about his obsession with beauty. He also mentioned double cleansing—with the same face wash, twice. “I made it up!” he told an ITG Editorial Assistant. That got the team talking: How does one double cleanse? Is it by using the same twice in a row like Perfume Genius does? Or is micellar water the trick? Do you massage first and exfoliate second? Do you even double cleanse at all?

The methods are wide and varied, so you go first. How do you double cleanse? Sound off below—you have the floor.

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