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Cheekbones + Statement Earrings

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(IMG) photographed by Tom Newton. Styled by . Makeup by . Hair by .

Take a moment—just a moment, it won't take long—and imagine Zoë Kravitz. Get her real comfy in your mind for a second. There she is, , with a perfect contour and earrings that weigh as much as your rollaboard. Breathe look again: Here she is, this time with the cutest little pixie cut and some emerald doorknockers that could cover the down payment for your starter mansion. The takeaway? The girl loves a statement earring and her styling certainly does them justice. The hair, cropped or pulled back tight. The highlight glistening perfectly beside it. Everything picking up the light just right. It's a look so good that here it is replicated seven times for good measure with various highlighters and earrings to suit your personal preferences. Try it the next time you're not sure what to wear. Nothing below the neck will matter.

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The opalescent in Luna is powdery and light, but perfect for creating that bright glow around the half-halo of the eye. Rommy "danced" an eye shadow brush along the highest point of India's cheek—stopping when aligned with the outer corner of the iris. Paired with earrings by .

India also wears a swimsuit by .

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A pink highlighter like never fails to scream "FUN!" because, well, it's pink and sparkly. Get it all over (the whole cheekbone—or more!) with one swipe of . Blush and glow in one. Paired with earrings by .

India also wears a swimsuit by .

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A light dusting is fine, but with the classic in Pearl, Rommy opted for a dense, for ultimate pigment pickup. The silver sheen is cool (literally) and works just as well as an eyeshadow. Paired with earrings by .

India also wears a swimsuit by .

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Now, if you're working with something like , you're going to want to sink your fingers into that creamy texture. Apply by "tapping it into the skin with your ring finger and then go over the edges with a dry finger to lightly diffuse any hard lines," Rommy says. This is the key for having it melt into skin. Paired with earrings by .

India also wears a swimsuit by .

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Contrary to popular belief, you don't actually need to be Pat McGrath to get the most out of the . (Though it helps.) Here, Rommy was working with the kit in Nude—he started by highlighting with the nude shimmer side of the stick and then layering "the balm directly on top of the cheekbone and lightly on the apple of the cheek for that ultimate glass skin." Paired with earrings by and on the lips.

India also wears a swimsuit by .

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For something ever so subtle—easy enough to mix into foundation or a moisturizer—Rommy went with , working it into the skin quickly before it dries down to a powdery, stay-all-day kind of situation. The perfect look when only you and the ones you love want to know your highlighter is there. Paired with earrings by .

India also wears a swimsuit by .

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And sometimes all you need is a spritz. Of , of course—the classic. You can never mist too much, so tilt your head back and let it fall all over you, focusing on catching the droplets on the high points of your face. Repeat as necessary. If this isn't a doable summer look, what is? Paired with earrings by .

India also wears a swimsuit by .

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