Kim Noorda, Model


"I was 25 when I took a break from modeling. I started when I was 14 and always started out thinking that I would model for one or two years, then another year passed and another year. Eventually, I wanted a little bit more of a stable life. So I went to school and studied chemistry, which was super interesting but was too much of a change. It lasted for six months and I was like, ‘This is not for me.’ Then I worked in a bar for a few months, and it was so much fun. People would come in and say, ‘You should try modeling!’ [Laughs] Finally I decided to study art history, and that was really good. There are beautiful museums everywhere in Amsterdam, where I’m from. But a little over a year ago I told myself I wanted to model again, so I signed with Wilhelmina in the U.S. and I’m back. I just love New York—it’s so much like it is in the movies. There’s such character, and while there is so much wrong with this country, I feel like there is so much freedom here. This time around, there’s more to life now than modeling. Modeling was my whole life when I started—now I know there’s more. That’s a nicer approach I think. The stakes aren’t as high.

In my day-to-day life I like to be pretty natural. I’ll wear mascara. My dad’s girlfriend gave me . It’s perfect because cold water doesn’t do it—if you’re in the rain, it’ll stay. I wear a little bit of concealer if I have a spot somewhere. . It doesn’t become patchy or clunky. I like to wear , I like their color and that they’re really matte. I don’t use anything in my brows except .

I like it when my hair isn’t too straight—I like voluminous hair. I got highlights pretty recently in Amsterdam at this beautiful canal salon, Firki. I wanted to get highlights because it makes your hair feel like it has a little more life. It’s like when you take a long holiday where you had your hair in the sun a lot. I wanted that feeling, just a little bit sooner. I don’t cut my hair—I like it longer. I like to wash it at night and let it dry when I sleep. If I wash my hair in the morning, it dries all fuzzy. I switch my shampoos up a lot. is good, and I also like the if my hair’s looking too fuzzy, and then I like the . Sometimes I’ll put some in it. It smells really good and it’s great for when my hair gets fuzzy. Sometimes it helps to put it all in a bun as well.

For skin, it’s face wash and cream. I like the . I think someone suggested it to me—it’s very neutral and not too drying. I also like Kiehl’s products—I’ll use their . I use Dermalogica for hydration—they have this that’s really good. I like that it doesn’t make me break out. Whole Foods has this , I do that sometimes when I feel like I should do something extra for my skin. It’s simple, not too many ingredients.

I really like to run but I’m a little bit self-conscious. I feel like people are looking so much at you! I used to run by the Hudson but I feel like it’s too much of a scene. They’re wearing sunglasses and caps and headphones—they’re all shut out from the world. I’m still looking for a nice yoga place. In New York, you walk so much. At the end of the day, I’m exhausted. I don’t have a bath in my place, but I love taking baths with lots of oils. I have a cute place in Amsterdam, near Jordaan, but if I want to take a bath, I either go to a hotel or my dad’s house. [Laughs]"

Kim Noorda photographed by Tom Newton on October 27, 2017. Makeup and hair by .