Gelcream Holds Doughnuts + Wears Glitter


Our girl Gelcream returns to holding things on ITG! (Remember this?) This time, it's with glitter nails for the winter season, which she's expertly—and photogenically—paired with sugary sweets. Well-suited to outlast the holidays. You're gonna like these.

Two things that I hate and love at the same time: Sugar and glitter. Both need to be used with care and modesty.

There is nothing more classy that a simple glazed donut and a cup of coffee. When I was growing up I saw this combo in American movies—glad I can experience it firsthand now. I am wearing with a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

Caramel sounds like Autumn, so I'm matching it with , which is a metallic green/copper duo tone. I am wearing brown leather pants with this combo and a matching oversized blazer.

I like anything that has a cocktail cherry on it. I am wearing a catwalk-classic red with some glitter by and must confess that I dipped my finger in this cake after I got the shot.

This is my worst sugar enemy—truffle chocolate with a whole hazelnut inside. I am wearing layers too: on the bottom and on top. Very rich and eye-catching. I am wearing it with all black.

We all have those days. I bought at H&M the same time that I got pink pajamas and a bunch of sheet masks. I don’t regret it; I think the chunky glitter is cool.

Wearing the gorgeous satin-finish and eating very-very dark chocolate. I love this nail polish for its almost matte metallic finish. Looks like minx nails; no extra shine. I would pair it with a long, classy, black dress.

Another option for when I need more fun in my life. Easy to make at home: Take any pearly white or pink color and sprinkle some glitter on top. I am wearing with .

Yellow is a tricky color, but this shade is very subtle with just enough shine—Brooklyn by Zoya. I added just a little more shine with a top coat in Gold Glaze by Revlon. Wearing it with my favorite golden rings and linen shirt.

—Yana Sheptovetskaya

Photographed by the author.

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