Lucy Boynton, Actress


"In Vogue they called me the ‘beauty experimenter,’ because I change my hair so much. I’m the one who can always be counted on to change my color and cut and everything [for a role]–I do get kind of itchy for change when I’ve had the same for too long. I don’t even know my natural color! After all the changes, is apparently the only reason I still have hair on my head. I always go to Mark Selley, who’s . He has magic hands and a lot of willpower.

I suppose it’s good I’m that way because of the severe makeup changes an actor goes through. I’ve been acting for a long time–I started when I was 12. I had an amazing drama teacher in school, and then during one of our lessons, a casting director came and asked me to audition for a film called Miss Potter. I met my current agent through that. My most recent project is a Netflix show called , which came out last week, actually. It’s about a therapist, played by Naomi Watts, who starts to get a little too interested in her clients’ lives–I play one of her clients, Allison, who is a drug addict.

Acting has influenced my approach to beauty in both practical and fun ways, as well as influencing my style. I do like to be more adventurous–for some reason I feel safer in that. I recently watched , and I saw Tuesday Weld wearing this bright cobalt blue eyeshadow. Since then I’ve been experimenting with oranges, blues, purples... I’m really digging the bold eyes–the blue one I’m wearing today is a . Back when my hair was red, I did a lot of pink glittery eyes with , which stays on well and is really affordable. I enjoy the brightness of it. And I’m always using black liquid eyeliner, always the cat-eye. Or, I like a big doe-eye–it’s my go-to. For that I use , which I’ve now stepped up to the Ultra Black shade. It has two sets of brushes and it’s really good. I just find that other mascara clumps.

For special occasions, I like the in Natural Glow with a and a . Then either or and . For contour–I suffer from chipmunk cheeks–I’ll use the , and the . And I either like a strong lip or no lip at all. is a bright red, and then is a darker one, they’re both so good. Sometimes I’ll use the on my cheekbones to highlight, and then I use it to remove makeup as well. It’s one of those products, it just does it all.

My skin gets really dry and stressed from all the traveling I do so I’ve had to find reliable products to help that. I work with a lot, and she has a wealth of knowledge about products, especially cruelty-free brands. Murad’s a really good one–I love . Otherwise, is really nice, because they’re an organic brand that has lines for most skin conditions. When I’ve been traveling a lot, I use both the and the every day, twice a day. And I’ll mask with the . My skin’s rather difficult to fix and I’m incredibly sensitive. It’s funny because I actually did a beauty feature like a year ago where the whole piece was about 'How To Maintain Flawless Skin,' and halfway through I had an intense allergic reaction to one of the oils they used. They had to cover up the redness and hives with makeup, Photoshop the hell out of it all… [Laughs] Anyway, I’ve learned to be careful."

–as told to ITG