The Art Critic With The Budget Skincare Routine


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Hello! My name is Jessica Lynne () and I live in New York City. I co-edit , a journal for Black art critics, and I’m also the Manager of Development and Communications at , an arts organization with sites in Soho and Brooklyn. Working in the arts inspires me to play with color and form and texture in ways that are exciting. I appreciate bold statements, and also feel right at home with a more minimalist, uniformed aesthetic, gravitating towards pieces that are multi-functional. Can I wear this to a board meeting and an exhibition opening? I try to approach beauty with a quality, not quantity outlook. This means I’m not necessarily a product junkie, but I will invest in a product and use it for years on end if I love it!

I’ve gotten my daytime and nighttime skin care routines down to a simple science. In the morning, I use because it’s gentle on my skin. Twice a week, I’ll exfoliate with for an extra deep cleanse, and follow with as my go-to moisturizer. Really, I use coconut oil for everything. At night, I’ll use witch hazel to clean the dirt and grime of NYC from my face and follow that up with as my nighttime moisturizer. Did I mention coconut oil? I don’t know of a better moisturizer for my skin, hair, or face.

The entire hair care line is absolutely perfect. I use their , the , and the . is another go-to of mine. My hair is very thick and kinky, and until recently, was also colored treated. All of these products do such a good job of keeping my hair well moisturized and protecting my color without harsh ingredients. I’m usually at the salon once a month for a wash and condition–maybe a blowout every now and then. I’ll do the upkeep in between these appointments, but spending time at the salon is actually really relaxing to me, and it’s a great way to talk to my stylists about new colors or cuts I’m looking to experiment with. And I tell myself that I will be more consistent about this, but getting a mani-pedi is such a nice pick-me up. I try to make the time for a monthly session.

I’ve been a MAC girl for a long time. Generally speaking though, my coverage tends to be pretty light. I’ll use the and the together–it does the trick for my skin tone. Then is my all-time favorite blush. That one I also use as a bronzer because of its rich color. And I’m obsessed with . For lips, Iman Cosmetics has this that is quickly becoming my new favorite. I used to shy away from darker lip colors, but this shade is perfect for all seasons, I swear!

–as told to ITG.