Jen O'Neill, Digital Account Supervisor, EngineShop


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"I'm Jen O’Neill [] and I live in Brooklyn. I'm a Digital Account Supervisor at EngineShop, where I help create digital engagement strategies and social media programs for clients in the lifestyle, hospitality and beauty industries. Thankfully, we have a 'wear what you like' dress code, which is amazing and makes getting ready for work in the morning that much easier. Ultimately, going in to work with no makeup, or a full contour and smoky eye, is totally up to you. My usual work uniform involves BB cream and a lot of black liquid liner.

When it comes to makeup, I’m not as minimal as I’d like to be—but I’ve mastered the morning routine and can be ready in 6.5 minutes. I start with , which works better than any foundation I’ve used because it’s more heavy-duty than your average tinted moisturizer but nowhere near as cakey as a high-def foundation. Next comes on the lids and . Some may think wearing shimmer eyeshadow at 7am is a bit aggressive, but I disagree. It all ends with two swipes of in Intense Black, which has been my go-to since Tarte discontinued their Multipleye Liquid Liner, and . The only thing I’ll put on my lips is in either original or , which I take with me everywhere. My nighttime routine doesn’t change all that much. I’ll usually add and a bronzer like . I once read that was a favorite of Blake Lively's, so.

On the other hand, my skincare habits come from my mom, who like many Chinese women, is very meticulous about her skin. I start with , which doubles as a makeup remover, every morning and night. Since my skin is super sensitive and dry, I layer on after cleansing—it's a godsend—and then apply , the only moisturizer I can use without my face freaking out. I’ll also exfoliate twice a week with either or . And there's nothing better than the instant gratification of a . All in all, I'm a creature of habit. My day-to-day routine is comprised of the same 10 products because they work.

My hair is the thing I neglect more than anything else—my friends used to call me Medusa. I happen to be enemies with blowdryers, so anytime I have the opportunity to air dry, I take it. I’ve tried so many sprays and pastes or creams for adding texture to wavy hair, but honestly nothing beats . On days that I don’t wash my hair, because let’s be real, I use . A hairstylist once told me that she uses it as dry shampoo, and I'm always after that kind of Atlanta de Cadenet messy hair. I'm trying to stay loyal to the products I finish, but it's hard. I want to say something like 'less is more' or 'keep it simple,' but honestly, there are so many products out there, it’s hard not to get sucked in."

—as told to ITG

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